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Success Story: J. Dwayne Garnett

J. Dwayne Garnett, a proud 2003 Benedict College Therapeutic Recreation Graduate, is an Empowerment Speaker, Reflective Thinking Facilitator, and Love Advocate from Augusta, GA, now, living in the Raleigh-Durham area. He has nearly 20 years of experience in Higher Education and over a decade of senior-level management experience. He is committed to motivating and mentoring corporate entities and individuals of all ages to obtain and sustain effective life management skills, conflict resolution, and organizational management. Simply put, he loves changing lives and bringing people together.

A continuation of this desire led to the creation of Love Is A Parable is designed to provide love education, love advocacy, and love wellness, with an attempt to help individuals obtain personal fulfillment and establish meaningful relationships while encouraging others to perpetuate unity, love, and kindness.  

When asked, “How did Benedict College or Career Pathways Initiative and Service-Learning Program influence your life?” J. Dwayne states, “Benedict College drastically changed my life by affording me opportunities that I didn’t know were available. Benedict provided an education that extended outside of the confines of traditional learning and classroom applications. Benedict College provided life skills that I truly use today. Many people chuckle when I let them know that I still used the same resume template that I received nearly 20 years ago. Benedict College provided leadership opportunities that truly set me up for success. I served as student body officers, AmeriCorps, RHA Association, Student Government Association, SC Parks and Recreation Association, Concert Choir, Performing Arts Assemble, and many more. My grades never suffered either. The more involved I was with Benedict College, the more I excelled academically. In fact, I graduated with the highest GPA in my department. When I think of Benedict, I think of Service-Learning which was truly an extension of my collegiate experience. Because of Service-Learning, I took my first plane ride, worked on my first grant, and learned the true meaning of service. Again, grooming me for success after graduation. Benedict College is a perpetual resource, a well that never runs dry. “

One key piece of advice he would like to share with students is to embrace the process and make no absolute statements or assumptions. Trust your instincts and lean on Benedict College to assist along the way. Remember, every encounter or exchange is a learning opportunity.

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