Service-Learning Project Spotlight

Students were required to partner with an athletics organization (preferable Benedict College’s Athletic or HPER departments. Through their service-learning experiences, they were to explain how that related to being a leader in sport.

Site/Project Name: Sport Involvement

Community Partner: Athletics

Target Audience: Athletics Organizations and their participants

Course Name/Prefix: SM 231 01 B1
Department: HPER
Instructor: Dr. Brittany Morrone
Semester: FA21

What successes did you encounter, if any, in the project?
BC students were able to impact the community and build confidence in their leadership skills.

What challenges did you encounter, if any, in the project?
Students did not know what service-learning was – they thought attending an athletic event was sufficient.

Will you implement this project again? Yes

Would you recommend this project for faculty in other disciplines? Yes

If yes, what disciplines? Education and Business

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