The Entertainment Industry College Outreach Program (EICOP) is designed to meet the industry’s need and desire to educate, recruit and develop a culturally and ethnically diverse workforce. Representatives from the program hosted HBCU in LA to inform all students attending HBCUs in South Carolina in related majors about their 8-10 week internship opportunity. Students from Allen University and Benedict College attended in-person while other institutions attended the session virtually. They spoke about how the program help students interested in future careers in major studios, leading industry organizations, networks, agencies, record labels, production companies, and more. They also spoke about how students learned skills from experts in each area and applied those skills to highlight their new-found knowledge garnered from the program. They also stated how many of the students who participate in the program have many opportunities to be considered for full-time jobs and other opportunities that could help build their professional portfolios. In addition, there was a panel portion of the seminar where the representatives from the program answered students’ questions regarding their careers in Entertainment and Media. In the end, they encouraged many of the attendants to apply for the opportunity to be considered for the program.

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