Career Strategies for Freshmen and Sophomores

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, there are 10 things you can do early on in college to make yourself marketable and begin planning for your career.

Keep your grades up

Employers and graduate schools want candidates with good grades. Doing well academically not only showcases your knowledge but indicates a strong work ethic. If you find you are having trouble with your coursework, connect with your instructor or contact University College for assistance.

Identify your interests, skills, values, and personal characteristics

The first step to clarifying your career goals is to go through a process of self-assessment. Visit Career Services to meet with your career advisor, or take advantage of FOCUS 2 and other self-assessment resources.

Actively explore career options

Find a career that enriches your life. Actively explore careers by connecting with professionals in occupations that interest you. Career Services can help you connect with alumni and other professionals to learn about their careers. You can also attend a career-related program and fair, conduct informational interviews, or register to take the IDS-106 Career Choice class where you can explore careers more in-depth.


(Originally published online at Illinois State Edu website

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