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The Career Development Services provide services for students, alumni, and employers. Our services include career coaching, resume development, experiential learning coordination, career readiness workshops, career assessments, field studies, and a variety of other services.


To implement innovative programming that prepares Benedict College students  for lifelong success in diverse local and global communities 


To transform student scholars into career-oriented, civic-minded,  professionally qualified talent who represent #TheBESTofBC.


"What a remarkable time we live in and what an especially exciting time to be a student! You really can do anything or be anything, If you have the imagination and the desire."

What a remarkable time we live in and what an especially exciting time to be a student! Citizens traveling into space, self-driving cars, telecommuting, and smart … well smart everything. Our reality has transformed so drastically in just the last several years that young people have more opportunities to do more things in a shorter period of time than any generation in history. You really can do anything or be anything, If you have the imagination and the desire.

Think about it, your parents could not have dreamt of the possibilities for you in your lifetime. Opportunities generated by information and innovation and powered by growing markets and inclusivity. Vast change also brings risk, uncertainty, and anxiety. When transformation is constant, how does one prepare? How many jobs, careers or employers might one have? How does one prepare for the disruption of everything?

The answer: Utilizing curiosity, personal growth, and lifelong learning. At the Career Development Center, we direct and coordinate career-related development services, activities, events, and workshops on campus while establishing experiential business and community partnerships for the College. These services enhance students’ personal growth and professional development through their matriculation and into their career field of choice.

We also provide a forum for ongoing professional development after you’re hired through networking, ongoing professional development workshops, and career services and events. We’re here to assist you and to challenge you as you navigate this exciting new world.

Program Staff


Executive Director of Career Development Services

Brian Love has spent over 20 years at Liberty Mutual and Nationwide Insurance in corporate development as a manager, regional manager, and director.  And the last 15 years as a Director, and Academic Program Manager in executive education and workforce development with The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, the University of South Carolina’s Moore School of Business, and at the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

At Benedict College, Mr. Love is responsible to oversee the Professional Career Development Services.  While developing and implementing new approaches to a Guided Pathways Career model. Its intent is to use career mapping to Increase the students’ career fluency and strengthen career readiness, by integrating career services, including service-learning, co-curricular and experiential learning with employer workforce needs.   After attending the University of South Carolina, Mr. Love was awarded a BA from the University of New Hampshire.

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